The solution for home rehabilitation

DDRehab support digital home rehabilitation, allowing tailored rehabilitation paths to be administered and monitored directly at home.

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DDRehab: the new way to effective home rehabilitation!

Doctors and therapists manage each patient's home rehabilitation plan using DDRehab web application or integrating DDRehab in their electronic health records. They can follow patients remotely and obtain objective and standardized data.

The DDRehab mobile application drives the patient on a physical and cognitive rehabilitation path built upon exercises designed to be executed at home. Improved continuity of care creates better adherence to treatment.

With DDRehab, rehabilitation services are more effective, inclusive and equitable. Increased coverage allows for better standards of care, decreased readmissions, and lower costs.

Product concept

DDRehab in a nutshell

Physical exercising

The DDRehab mobile app implements physical exercising at home by providing a set of simple motor tasks to be performed while wearing the smartphone in a waist belt. Proposed exercises may change in type and time to adapt to each patient's capability.

Cognitive exercising

The DDRehab mobile app manages cognitive rehabilitation at home by providing a set of audio exercises to be run by using the smartphone embedded microphone. The variety of proposed exercises allows to train different mental functions.

Tailored therapy

The therapy plan is tailored to each patient's needs by their therapist. Both motor and cognitive functions are addressed by the plan. The difficulty levels of the exercises may also be automatically adjusted to performance level by DDRehab engine.

Continuous monitoring

The therapist is able to follow day by day the progress of each patient adapting on line the therapy plan both in term of exercises and scheduling. DDRehab plans and results may be integrated in standard Electronic Health Records.